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Hello everyone, In this blog post we are going to discuss the art of strumming and the most common strumming pattern used while playing the guitar. Let us first understand the concept of strumming. We can describe strumming as chords played on a rhythm, and strumming pattern involves strumming down (downstroke) and stumming up (upstroke).

In our previous blog we have discussed in details, the correct ways of strumming and how to use basic strumming patterns, symbols of down and up-strokes, quarter notes, eighth notes and so on. To start with, we will be choosing one particular strumming pattern (1 2+ 3+ 4+) given below -

Rhythm Pattern (1 2+ 3+ 4+)

Here, we are going to introduce the concept of ties.

When you put a tie between two rhythmic notes, the rhythm value consolidates. The images below depicts the difference between a rhythm pattern with tie and without tie -

Without Tie

With tie

For better understanding, do check the video link above. This strumming pattern is the most common pattern that we find in music. At least 50% of Hindi and western pop songs are based on this particular rhythm.

Songs like Chhukar Mere Mann Ko, Samjhawan, Mera Mann, Hawayein, 500 miles, In My Life are all played using this strumming pattern. In the above video, we have played the songs Chhukar Mere Mann ko and 500 Miles using the same pattern. Do not forget to watch the video till the end. If you enjoyed watching the video, do not forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe to our official Youtube channel

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