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About Rahul Sharma

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Rahul Sharma, born and brought up in New Delhi, started playing the guitar and he truly believed he can be the ‘guy with a guitar’. Right after his graduation from IP University, New Delhi, he became part of a Rock and Metal cover band called Blue Odyssey. After

performing live across Delhi NCR and in several college fests, Rahul entered the corporate world. Deep inside, he always knew where his final calling lay. In the year 2012, Rahul decided to follow the path that people usually are oblivious to. Taking a sabbatical leave from his workplace, Rahul joined Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, Chennai in 2012 and came out as a Diploma holder in Music Performance from SAM. That was when he applied for the Grade 8 Rockschool London exam and passed as a Merit Holder from RSL Awards.

In the year 2013, Rahul quit his corporate job to build yet another milestone in his musical journey, “The Guitar School.” He streamlined his career and passion together to impart guitar playing skills and vocal lessons to students from across Delhi NCR. The music school sees students from complete beginners to advanced musicians. With a focus on the core fundamentals of guitar playing, The Guitar School (TGS) makes learning guitar a fun and enjoyable experience.


Being a performing artist, Rahul never gave up on entertaining audiences in live performances. He became part of a Bollywood Cover band, Malangg, as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. Malangg wooed audience across Delhi NCR for nearly two years. In 2016, Rahul formed his own band called the Red Hot Dilli Peppers. As a solo performer, his repertoire included music from a wide range of Bollywood (Classics/ contemporary) and Western Pop/Rock.


By then, Rahul already had an established name in the music industry. While his music school saw a footfall of nearly 100

students every quarter, he simultaneously launched FLIP Effect Pedals, a guitar pedals brand in 2018. Rahul believes, “at FLIP, the evolving needs of music professionals are our driving force.” The effect pedal brand is a reliable, slick and pocket-sized package for all those traveling and multi-tasking musicians. Rahul also manages the exclusive distribution of Guitar Pro India, a guitar notation software (Indian offshoot of Guitar Pro Software) where all genres of music are covered.

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